Horse Watercolor Illustration – Coloring Book Testing

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Horse Watercolor Editorial Illustration for Activity Book by Irina Sztukowski

The second book of my Horse drawings is out in the World, and I continue testing the content of these books. The fun part that both books contain plenty to place the hands on. Together both books, Horses Volume I and Horses, Hearts & Unicorns Volume II, have around 50 illustrations of real as well mystical animals. And in addition there are pages and pages of activities.

Horses Unicorns Coloring Activity Book by Irina Sztukowski

The book is available in the bookstores such Barnes&Noble as well as on Amazon:

Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring and Activity Book

Barnes & Noble Here We Come

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Super sweet surprise waited for me today when I went to Barnes&Noble Bookstore website: the book on Horses Hearts and Unicorns just got to their virtual shelves. What a great way to start the day! Love it!!

Barnes And Noble Book Store Coloring Book Horses Hearts Unicorns by artist Irina Sztukowski

and here is the link to see the book in the bookstore:

Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring And Activity Book by Irina Sztukowski




Coloring And Activity Book About Horses, Hearts And Unicorns

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The Book about Horses & Unicorns is published now. I am very happy about results as this book is more interactive and has not only mystical creatures such Unicorns, but as well landscapes with horses from all over the World: there are not only ranches from California and Virginia; there are Holland windmills and Italian castles, there are barns and carriages of rural areas, there are palms of Bahamas. And this time I added half dozen of activity pages such Connect The Dots, Resolve The Maze, Find The Differences fun tasks.

Coloring And Activity Book about Horses Hearts and Unicorns

The book can be found on Amazon:

Watercolor Pencils At Work – Horse Book

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Coloring Book About Horses by Irina Sztukowski

While I have already started working on the second book about Horses, I keep testing watercolor pencils on the drawings from the Book I – Coloring & Activity Book For All Ages. The colors are quite vibrant and I am happy with the results. The ink lines of the drawings do complement the picture and make it perfect!

Coloring Book About Horses by Irina Sztukowski

Horses Coloring Book Illustration

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Today I am testing one of the drawings from my Horses Coloring & Activity book that was recently published on Amazon:


The book is available for purchase HERE

Woodless Watercolor Pencils At Work

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Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Watercolor Pencils

Exciting moment of un-boxing: I’ve ordered new watercolors, which are presented in the form of wood-less pencils ( Cretacolor Aqua Monolith ) . So basically, artist holds the watercolor in the hand, applies it as pencils would apply, and then can brush the painting with the wet brush. I bought those pencils to try and I love them .

Today I tested them for coloring the page from my new Horses Book

Coloring & Activity Book About Horses

Horses Coloring Book – Ready to Color

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I just received my Coloring & Activity Book about Horses, the proof copy, in the mail. Ready to give it some test with my art tools:

Coloring Book About Horses Activity for Children_Adults.jpg

and here is a quick tour into inside of the book:

The book is available HERE


Coloring And Activity Book – Horses

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Horses Coloring & Activity Book is published worldwide. Amazon makes it incredibly easy for customers from different countries to be able to order the books online.

Coloring Activity Book about Horses

Coloring Book about Horses

When I was working on the illustrations for this book I wanted to make it suitable for all ages. As I previously mentioned, children have very little fear when it comes to coloring. They grab the brush or pencil and start creating. Adults, on another hand, sometimes hesitate before jumping into to the creative process. So, my book has two kinds of drawings in it. I placed a dozen of farm scenes and horses in the natures in quite realistic style. But another dozen of drawings were created from my childhood memories about Merry-Go-Round carousel. The horses are imaginary; but they do not follow the carousel circle in my book. They are surrounded by hearts. Yes, right in the middle of this coloring book creation about horses, the very same horses didn’t want to be “attached” to the carousel; instead, they wanted to do what they LOVE to do, run happy. So, the heart symbols came into my book as simple as could be. And I am so happy it did. Now I can certainly test the colors on the horse drawings and hearts. I love to work with pencil and dry-on-dry technique with slight watercolor touch:

Horse In The Heart Drawing and Watercolor

Horse In The Heart Drawing and Watercolor

The two kinds of drawings for coloring in this book are placed one after another in order to keep a nice entertaining flow such mix of complex and easy. And some of the complex drawings actually derived from my watercolor paintings of the horses. Here is a good example, the horse on the farm:

Horse On The Farm Watercolor Painting

Horse On The Farm Watercolor Painting

I’ve met this cute little girl when traveling to the state of Washington. She was a pet horse at the small ranch on Columbia River Gorge. And she became one of my models not only for the watercolor painting but as well for the drawing in this book:

Horse On The Farm Ink Drawing

Horse On The Farm Ink Drawing

It was so much fun to come back to my memories of traveling and drawing the horses.

Another great example on the subject was a landscape from my other travels, this time to the state of Virginia. A beautiful mountain ranch right in the middle of National Forest got my full attention. This time I first drew the landscape and then colored it with watercolor pencils:

Landscape With Mountains And Horses

Landscape With Mountains And Horses

Colored Landscape With Mountains And Horses

Colored Landscape With Mountains And Horses

When book was almost finished, I kept thinking how to make it more interesting for my art collectors and co-creators who will color the drawings. And I came up with few more ideas by adding several pages of other activities such Connect The Dots and Help the Horse Find The Barn:

Connect The Dots Horse Drawing

Connect The Dots Horse Drawing

Activity Page With Maze Horse And Barn

Activity Page With Maze Horse And Barn

Those little puzzles will keep whole family entertained!

The book is now ready to meet with its co-creators who are not afraid to color, play, and have fun 🙂

Coloring & Activity Book About Horses


Book About Horses

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I continue working on the coloring book about horses. This book will be devoted to adults and children as it will have complex and easy drawings to color as well as fun activity pages. The back cover is completed:

Coloring Book About Horses back cover

Coloring & Activity Book About Horses

and here a few examples of drawing with landscapes:

Coloring Book About Horses Landscape Drawings

Coloring Book About Horses

Some drawings of horses are quite simple, some more detailed. I was thinking about Mary-Go-Round theme, but wanted to avoid the bars that hold the horses into the place. Instead I drew cute hearts and placed horses near them. Here is an example that is going to be in the book:

Horse And Heart Coloring Book About Horses

Coloring Book About Horses

It is so much fun to create a book, I am using my drawing skill, testing painting and color, and my imagination goes wild! Love it! Love it! <3 IT !!!

The book will be published through my Book Store on Amazon

A Little Bit of Nostalgia – Daffodil Paintings

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Every time I see daffodils they remind me a little suns that shine from inside. They also remind me of my grandma who grew daffodils in our summer house. Each summer she would bring huge bouquet of daffodils to the city and share with our neighbors. In our beautiful, 300 year old city where grass or trees are only in the parks; those tiny flowers were the gifts from beyond. The smell was astonishing. I can remember it when writing this right now. Very good memories! 

Since then I’ve painted daffodils many times; and, I believe I progressed quite a bit in painting manner and technique:

Still life with vase and daffodils painted in watercolor

And recently, several daffodils from miniature to a full size ones were included in my new Coloring Book – Botanical Flowers , Volume I:

Cheers from 

Live To Create!!!