Wearable Fall Art

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watercolor painting
I am used to see my art on the wall of art collectors. But I was curious how the Fall Art would look like on clothes items. How the fall leaves, for example, would fit into the wardrobe.

The artwork Autumn Flow looks great not only on the wall as a framed art; but, as well as the scarf or top or even a dress:

watercolor pattern
watercolor autumn
watercolor pattern
Another artwork that I’ve created as a fall pattern, contains deeper solid colors of the great season:

watercolor painting
It does look cute on the skirt, short sleeve top design, and a dress:

watercolor Autumn

watercolor autumn painting

watercolor autumn
More art is HERE

From Abstract Watercolor To Boutique

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watercolor painting

One of my paintings from Vivid Abstract Vibrant Sensation series has been selected to accompany Fall Collection of Sandbar Boutique LLC, an online retailer of fine women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories (http://www.sandbarboutique.com). The creative team of the boutique chose this painting because it was perfectly resembling the burst of hues of a great season.

I believe it is looking pretty good for a background on the boutique’s website:
Also, I would like to point out that this particular abstract was already presented in my own so to speak boutique in RedBubble Art Shop .
The light sleeveless dress looks vibrant and cheerful in this color theme:
So is more dressy outfit that is good for any occasion from the office wear to a party dress:

Needless to say, the silky scarf with this Vivid Abstract is presenting a great pattern when it comes to the large area such 55″x 55″ dynamic burst of colors:

I love how the pattern looks on the mini-skirt as well. So trendy! So bright!

But my personal favorite is a woman chiffon top that undoubtedly is the winner of my Vivid Abstract Vibrant Sensation collection! 

Tea Time Roses

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I had to paint these beautiful roses! They brought so much joy and made a great still life couple years ago on the nice sunny day. Long time ago I would be terrified to paint gold edges on the porcelain vase. But it is really not that difficult. It’s like painting the glass, pretty much you paint every thing what is outside and around; and, just leave a few hints. The same’s here: gold stripe got all the reflections and just a slight yellow patina to give the visual effect of the gold finish… I had so much fun to paint this piece. That’s what just three little roses can do to the person. Not much is needed to make the Artist happy 🙂

8″x10″ Winsor & Newton Watercolors on 140 lb Cold Pressed