Coloring Book For Children Volume III is Published

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Coloring Book – Beautiful Butterflies And Ladybugs – is now published and available to the customers worldwide.

Here is the link to go to this book and see Inside:

Beautiful Flowers With Ladybugs And Butterfles


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Wizard Of Oz – illustrate a book – Workshop

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illustration ruby slippers
Detailed images are in the Gallery HERE

The last workshop in the local library for this season was devoted to Wizard Of Oz book and movie. It was hard to separate the written story from the video version of it. For example, Dorothy had Silver Slippers in the book and Ruby Slippers in the movie. Scarecrow received a Diploma from Wizard of Oz;  but in the book he actually received a bag of bran with pins and needles. And Cowardly Lion got a potion of Courage in the book while in the movie he got a medal.
I taught kids about a Still Life by cutting a few objects from the Wizard Of Oz story and combining them into a visual still life:
Then I painted the actual still life on a paper, and  put it together:
We also had some “guests” who was watching us painting: my friend landed us a Wizard of Oz Barbie Doll collection:
Kids and I had a blast. We not only painted this time, we learned how to draw, how to place the images on a paper, make some important decisions on composition. The paintings turned out bright and creative:
Even Moms this time wanted to paint; and, I have to honestly tell you they did good and I saw they enjoyed every second of it :0)
Ruby Slippers painting:
Artwork from Wizard Of Oz in interior decor
Ruby Slippers Painting in interior decor
The painting print is available HERE
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Winnie-The-Pooh – illustrate a book – Workshop

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Detailed Images are in Art for Kids Gallery
The work week was quite busy for me. Between the preparation for Tao House Art Show, attending CWA meeting and working in a Concord Gallery I also had a workshop in Martinez Library on Tuesday. 
This time I taught kids how to apply watercolor wet-on-wet (we played with the Winnie’s head for that), dry-on-dry ( his honey pot and a tree were just asking be painted that way), and we even learned what is the difference to paint free-hand vs following the given lines. 
It is amazing how the kids can absorb the information. Quick and easy! One little boy loved wet-on-wet technique so much that he painted entire second piece of art all over using not only all area of the painting but also mixing all available colors from his palette. 
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Be a judge, see the art report below:
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Peter Rabbit – illustrate a book – Workshop

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Detailed Image:
Click Here
Detailed Image: Click Here

Detailed Image: Click Here

These three paintings not only became a first contribution to my Nursery Series Art for Kids, but also served a great purpose today at my Workshop – illustrate a book.

Being a huge fan of Beatrix Potter I fell in love with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I was wondering what happened after Peter’s mom put
him to sleep that day when he got into a lot of trouble at Mr McGregor’s garden. What if Peter
Rabbit had a dream that Mr McGregor was actually a very nice man, who returned
the blue jacket,
  brought some carrots to
Peter; and, later on, Peter’s Mom made delicious carrot cookies for Flopsy,
Mopsy, Cotton-tail and for Peter Rabbit of course….

These ideas didn’t wait too long to jump on paper; and, today they inspired kids at my local library where I gave them a watercolor lesson. 

First, I painted my Tale in the three different scenes as I needed to make the master drawing to be easy for kids to work on. The final work was made of sections, easy to paint, with the nice visible edges and not too many details; yet, it still had a story to tell, colors to apply, and a good imagination to put in. 

I was a little nervous before the workshop as I did not know what ages and how many kids would come. The result was exceeding my expectations. The ages were from 1 to 12 ( sure the 1 y. o. did not paint; but the youngest artist who did paint was 3). We learned how to paint upside down, how to apply light colors first, darkest last, how to paint with the big brush and cover a lot of area fast, and how to add details at the very end with the tip of the brush. I think I had more fun than children.. Just kidding! They all were so excited. They shared with me that they knew the story about Peter Rabbit before they came (sure enough, they heard the story about Peter’s dream for the first time as I just made it up :0).. 

Later on I brought a question for two most active girls about the next workshop, which is going to be on Winnie-The-Pooh.. I asked them what they think we should paint. Needless to say I left home with more interesting ideas… but sh-sh-sh.. I’ll keep it secret until July :0)  

Everything was ready to meet kids. The paint was lined up, the paper was waiting for the young artists.

A few paintings together with the original book about Peter Rabbit were here for inspiration.

When main crowd of first coming artists (see Red Solo Cups on the back) left, I had fun with the ones that were catching up.

We’ve even learned how to clean our brushes before putting them away.

Brown was the primary color, yet the dream of Peter Rabbit was all blue and fresh.

Some of the few Artworks that will be traveling to the artists home galleries tonight with pride and more stories to tell.
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