Italian Restauran – Sunflowers Of Venice

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Italy Still Life
Preparing for the trip to Italy, I am getting my “Italian” brush strokes sharpen.. In this painting I literally re-painted the walls with the dry brush loaded with color not worrying about the brush marks; after all, the walls in that Venetian cafe were old… 
I’ve got the photo reference from my friend who went to Italy a couple of years ago. They were sitting in the cafe and waiting for the meal to come. The guy was wearing red t-shirt and was looking at the vase above his head. I made a few changes; and, even though I left the pitcher with flowers above and “almost” falling, I replaced the guy with the Red Venetian Chair to add a little less personal look to the painting but remain an Italian feeling to the atmosphere…

Now I don’t know what is the focal point in this painting: the red chair, the blue bottle, or these cute Sunflowers:
Yellow Still Life
Oh Italy, I am excited to go there. So far I was just painting from the photo’s of my friends and relatives. And now it is the time to meet this country in person.

Here are my previous paintings.

Beautiful hills of Positano:
Flowers at the Bay
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Gorgeous Dome in Vatican Rome:
St Peters basilica
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And multiple roofs of old town Siena:
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In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

In The Book Store

book store, cafe, coffee shop, family portraits, reading, sister
In the century of Kindle and Internet it is so nice sometime to find an interesting book and crash in the book store cafe reading it. Like in good old days! I ended up with a pretty significant collection of Art Books at my house that way 🙂 The moment what you see on this painting is when my sister and I had a lovely time at Barnes & Noble book store in Walnut Creek California this Summer. Yes this is my Baby Sister.
She visited us for three months. We had such a great time together. She just left 23 hours ago but already miss her. Now I have my sister with me all the time 😉
9″x12″ Winsor & Newton watercolor on 140 Cold Pressed paper