Happy Easter

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This year catholic and orthodox Easter is celebrated in the same day. It happens not every year. 
I find it to be wonderful. It is a good symbol of unity. 
Happy Easter!
Yet, I am still wondering: why the Bunny has to hide all those eggs?! 😉

Cheers from 

Nesting For Easter

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Realism In Watercolor

Upcoming Easter was a good excuse for me to create a Nest With the Eggs in watercolor. I loved painting this symbolic artwork. Nest resembles a new life, a family, and a great new season.
And then, it is always great to add some colorful Easter Cards to my festive collection:

butterfly eggs daisies

watercolor cards

Watercolor Holiday cards
These are just a few cards, more are in my

watercolor illustration
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Hearts And Butterflies – Watercolor Silhouettes

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Right for the time of upcoming Valentines Day I have created a heart full of artworks that became a great addition to my Watercolor Silhouettes gallery. These semi-abstract paintings are airy and filled with combination of different complementing colors. 
I love seeing them in pairs placed next to each other in a light interiors:
These little creative hearts will serve as a wonderful thoughtful gifts as prints or cards for a loved one:
canvas print

My new painting collage that was recently added to Seashells Beach Treasures collection contains Hearts, Pearl, and Seashells on a realistic watercolor wooden board:
watecolour realism
Another addition to my Watercolor Silhouette Gallery were magical creatures, full of watercolors vivid hues, butterflies:
They are also full of hearts if to look closer at their wings 🙂

More hearts and butterflies are HERE

I See Squirrel – Children Book Illustration

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Bernard Goes To Music School by Connie Du
Link to the illustration is HERE
In this illustration from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, I pictured the boy happily walking down the street and enjoying warm summer weather. The trees and bushes are in bloom indicating early Summer. The birds are in the sky. Way up on the tall tree branch I placed a squirrel eating the nut. Boy just saw the squirrel. But he is still here up to a big surprise: a little bunny is hiding under the bush. And how about a colorful butterfly?! In just a second it will take off and bring so much joy to the boy. 

All these elements of the illustration, including the road that vanishes in the atmospheric perspective, were composed the way that children, when they see the page and while parent is reading the text from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, kids will first see the boy, then their eyes will try to find a squirrel and of course they will discover bunny and the butterfly in a very short time. Yet after that they again will focus on the boy, the main character of the page and the book.

The illustration was painted, of course in correlation with the text on the page. The whole story is in the book on Amazon.com ( HERE ).

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Transparent Butterfly

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realism in watercolor

Transparent Butterfly Painting

My friend sent me the picture by e-mail yesterday and I could not believe that there are creatures like Transparent Butterflies somewhere in the World. Oh, how little I knew.
And of course my first intention was … guess…yes to paint this beauty! How many times I used to tell myself: “Ah, it is so beautiful, I need to paint it!” the next thought is usually going like that: “I’ll definitely paint it.. Someday ..” and the afterthought is always something like that: “ Aha.. as soon I have the time” .
So this time I found THE time; I just came home, got to my studio and started painting. One hour and half later the baby was born. I placed this butterfly and the Twenty Minute One (http://twentyminutechallenge.blogspot.com/2010/08/butterfly-irina-sztukowski.html) in 8×10” mats and gave it to my friend today. Turned out not for free: she insisted to pay for my lunch 🙂

Size 8″x10″ Strathmore watercolor paper 140 lb Cold Press

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Butterfly Watercolor Painting

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It was only a few seconds that this butterfly allowed me to take pictures; and it was only twenty minutes that I allowed myself to paint it today.
This happy butterfly lives in glass dome of Academy of Science Museum in San Francisco. I find that painting butterflies gives these beauties a second lives as we all know they don’t live long.
The challenge for me was to paint background (wet on dry) using not too much wetness in order to continue the flower and the butterfly itself with minimal bleeding. After I was done with the first washes I happily realized that there are only 10 minutes passed. So I had whole 10 more minutes to focus on the details of that little creature.
Size 8 ½ x 7 ½ “, Strathmore Watercolor Paper, Windsor & Newton Artist Watercolor

For more art click link below

Invest in Beauty

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul