Dancing Fire Watercolour On Poetry Book Cover

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Book Cover Watercolour Illustration by Irina Sztukowski_author_Esma_Ashraf

My watercolor painting Dancing Fire was selected by the author and a publishing company for a wonderful book of poetry by Esma Ashraf.

You can find more about the author and this book creation HERE

The book is available HERE


Live To Create!


Watercolor For Book Cover

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Watercolour for Book Cover Dancing Fire Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski

I am painting Dancing Fire in watercolor and ink. This work will be published on a cover of a poetry book of one famous author.

Contact the artist for commission quote: irinasztukowski@yahoo.com


Book Cover Watercolor Illustration

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Of Noble Character Book Carolyne Swayze illustrator Irina Sztukowski

My watercolor Rose painting was published on a cover of the second addition Of Noble Character book by a great author Carolyne Swayze.

Contact the Artist

with commissions’ requests and for a quote.

Bed Time – Children Book Illustrations

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watercolor children books
When I painted bedroom theme for the book Bernard Goes To Music School, I wanted to show a nice cozy interior in soft pastel blues, where our boy goes not only to sleep, but reads the book with his mommy:
Children books illustration in watercolor
He tells his mom about his dreams:
Children Book illustration
And he also practices for his music school class:
Children Book illustrations in watercolor
My favorite one (besides the Reading Story illustration) was to paint the boy in the bed practicing musical notes, and the notes are flying far far away enhancing the paintings on the wall with their music 🙂
Children Book Illustration in watercolor
The main task was in these illustrations to keep the colors of the bedroom consistent; yet, to make each story standing up on its own.

For those who is reading my blog for the first time, here is a little info on the book:

The book is called Bernard Goes To Music School, written by
Connie Du. You can find this book on Amazon. Just type Irina Sztukowski in the
search window or copy and insert this link into the browser
The author’s note:
Bernard, a little boy, has gone to music school to start a
musical journey that is about to change him profoundly in many ways… Initially
he has difficulty singing those strange funny music notes and he often feels
shy around people. He and other kids receive music training from Mrs. Tania, a
lovable music teacher, who inspires him to sing and love music. He needs to
practice countless times before he can overcome his shyness and sing
beautifully in class. He learns a lot, has a lot of fun and makes friends in
his music class but his achievements wouldn’t be possible without the unfailing
love and encouragement from his parents throughout the journey. At the end of
this story Bernard is not so shy anymore and he really enjoys being with his
friends in music school! Music is a wonderful thing that can work magic on our
children. (Connie Du)
ISBN-10: 1523864753
ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Children Book Illustration – Boy In The Garden

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Bernard Goes To Music School book
In this illustration, that actually the first opening artwork in the book “Bernard Goes To Music School”  I painted the boy in front, next to the flowers. His shy nature is shown in the movement towards the flowers. He wants to smell them. Through the pink of the surrounding blooms I wanted to portray not only a beginning of a great season, but as well as the character of the protagonist.    

And here is the funny note:
First, I wanted to paint a bee sitting on one of the peony flower. I almost started; but, something stopped me. I thought that the bee, as cute as it could be, will be somehow a danger to a little boy’s nose. 
I am glad I prevented the “tragedy” 😉

Painting this illustration was fun and I loved later on getting through all four seasons in the illustrations of this book.

The book is now published and it is
on Amazon for little readers to explore. 

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751