Pacific Ocean Shore

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realism in watercolor

This Sailboat At The Shore painting was a great addition to my Sea Ocean Lakes and Plein-Air galleries.

I found this peaceful scene on one of my field trips to the Pacific Ocean, right next to the Hearst Caste (San Simeon) peer. 

The weather couldn’t be better. The sun was gently warming up the beach. The boat did not move as if it was sitting there in the waters just for me. The passing by tourists were asking me jokingly: “Have you hired this boat?”. Some complimented my painting: “Oh, it is exactly how I see it!”, and “Cool! Looks just like a picture!” 

I smiled.

I love painting plein-air (open air , outside) style. Lots of interactions and fast pace in painting, which call for fresh brush strokes, quick decisions on composition; and, of course, a feedback from the observers :0)

Sunrise Sunset

boat, bright, lake, landscape, mellow, red, silhouette, sun, sunrise, sunset, Watercolor, watercolor landscape, yellow
sun through the trees
Three recent paintings were added into a newly created gallery “Sunrise Sunset”.
This time, when painting these three landscapes I wanted to stick to a vertical format instead of the “landscape” one.
I think, when the scenery cut into an elongated painting vertically, it allows viewer to add his or her imagination on what could be on the left or right.
The top painting of the Sunset Through The Trees was an inspiration from my friend’s photograph. Her family traveled Midwest and she took a picture of a gorgeous view of a vanishing day through the trees’ shadows. The silhouettes of the trees like a frame of this artwork, and each section in between like a separate painting that tells the story.

Next painting that I called Bright Sunset has a good mix of yellow and purple that reveal a juicy red… This semi-realistic, semi-abstract painting has a good diagonal composition that competes with the horizon lines and the lines of the wavy waters:

watercolor painting
The third painting has somewhat mellow wash of the colors. It is the beginning of the day, a Nature’s awakening. It is a gentle Sunrise At The Lake. 
A little rustic boat is parked next to the shore. Perhaps a couple of friends or lovers were enjoying a night on isolated island of this still, peaceful lake. Who knows .. I paint a hint; and, the story can be continued by a viewer’s imagination:
At The Lake

Drifted Away With Lines – Oakland Marina, California – Plein-Air

boat, California, Flowers, Irina, landscape, marina, Oakland, peer, plein air, realism in watercolor, seascape, Sztukowski, trees, Watercolor, watercolour
Last Saturday I went to a plein-air painting to Oakland Marina, next to Quinn’s Lighthouse. What a beautiful place! The weather allowed us to paint from 9:00am to 11:00am and then it started raining. Rain, as you know is not the best friend of watercolor artists. So, we had to hide in the restaurant for our critique; which was actually not bad at all. With the hot coffee, french fries, and warm environment, the critique spread to good couple of hours. 
We gathered all out paintings into a middle of the dining hall.
Masha Batkova’s Watercolor and Ink artwork depicts a nice morning at the Marina
Original Painting Wind Drifter is 12″x18″ on Strathmore 140lb Cold Pressed watercolor paper.
More Plein-air paintings are HERE
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul