Ink And Watecolour Town Streets – Sketching the City of San Francisco

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interior with ink watercolor painting on the wall
Ink And Watercolor Town Scene Paintings in Interior Decor . Artist Irina Sztukowski 
In preparation for one exciting publishing project, I looked at my ink paintings of San Francisco with a different point of view. These illustrations of town scenes were completed on separate pieces of paper. But, now combining them together in one print, allows the viewer to get a feeling of the historical sights of the city with its beautiful buildings, decorative gates, tall towers, and streets perspective. A lovely presentation of Black & White or Monochrome decor for interior design. 

The print of this painting is available HERE
The Black & White Gallery on my website contains dozens of artworks in monochrome pallet.

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Paintings In The Interior

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While working on a new international illustration project, I thought I will share a few beautiful pix from one website that placed my art into interior decoration. This visual presentation warms up my heart as I can see how lovely my art looks in different settings with different colors backgrounds.
Sometimes it is not that much color needed to highlight the room with a few flowers and a few organic lines (just like in this Black And White Forest painting) :
In this set, I loved how the bright Fall Leaves compliment the light pinkish wall and the colorful vases on the side table:
In the next interior I was surprised to see Purple in this yellow accent room. But I guess, the yellow-purple iris flowers give a good splash of color and play in the contrast here:
Dark evening room can be well highlighted with the bright purple abstract painting here, in this interior decoration:
And gentle purple botanical flowers seem to be a good fit for a bedroom décor:
I also loved a clean look of this living room interior. The bright colors of this abstract fire painting definitely give a good company to the couch. As they say: people often select the art to compliment their couch and not vise versa 🙂

Sunflowers Field with perspective allows a good depth to this interior of dean or a living room:
Yet, these sunflowers in the Dutch Still Life style painting add some classic touch to a bedroom, dining room, or hallway:

Many thanks to the website ImageKind that helped me to see the paintings in interior décor!

Pure Vanilla – Yogurt Labels Project

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pure vanilla beans

Madagascar Vanilla image for the yogurt labels was fun to create.
I had a challenge of putting together long stalks of vanilla beans and incorporate them in one composition with centerpiece of the flowers and vanilla leaves. 
In this image, I’ve decided “to tie” the vanilla stalks with the pretty Vanilla Orchid flowers.

The original image of Vanilla is in black and white. I am still wondering which background color out of those above Nine Shades Of Vanilla would fit the best:

The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my creations such vanilla,  jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE