Wild Mustard Seeds And Flowers Watercolor

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realism in watercolour
At the end of the last year I worked on the festive Ham Glaze label for Ballymaloe company from Ireland; and, I was gratefully accepting the challenge to paint quite complicated food item and to paint it in my favorite medium, watercolor; yet, still meeting all customer needs for a good presentation. 

This year the same company came to me with another interesting request, Wild Mustard. The company wanted to show mustard seeds and mustard flowers on the label. Lucky for me, California that days just opened Wild Mustard Flowers season. Everywhere I went I saw fields and fields of wild mustard, bright and gorgeous and yellow, the pleasure to the artist’s eye when combined with blue of the sky and the green hills. 
So, the Nature helped me to accomplish the project in no time. The customer was quite satisfied with the outcome. And I am so happy I could bring the feeling of hot California sun into my painting that is now traveling to Ireland.

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Ham Glaze Labels For The Holiday Tables

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realism in watercolors food

December has already a very good start for my artist and illustrator career. Besides of the fact that I was blessed with so many sales to my Art Collectors and appreciators on my website www.artirina.com; I also just had one more creative project that was cooking in my studio.
I am wrapping up a new label illustration for Ham Glaze for one famous Irish Company Ballymaloe.
Right before holiday season started, I was contacted by designers from Greenhouse.ie and I was offered this exciting job. 

The history of Ballymaloe company goes back to the beginning of 20th century. The company produces sauces, relishes, glazes; you name it!
 They even have a cooking school, Ballymaloe Cookery School, that they opened more than 30 years ago. 
Holiday Food Basket
(photo by http://lovindublin.com/)
I was honored to create the ham illustration for their new Ham Glaze.
The production label is still in progress; but, to get a little idea, it will look something like that, warm and yummy 🙂
watercolor food labels
I love making illustrations for food, such berries, fruits, and vegetables. Making one for Ham was twisting my artist’s mind a little; but, following the ideas that the customer wanted to place on paper, I made it happen.

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