Whimsical Garden Decorative Design

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wall art
In my new collection Whimsical Garden, I am using some old watercolor techniques with a new approach. I decided to block the color with the help of protective medium in order to allow the watercolor to flow only in one particular area. It reminded me batik style technique but with the new trick. The possibilities of this kind of style are endless. 

Here is another one for example:
wall art
I have selected the color pallet from light green to deep Paynes Gray thinking about departure of the Summer. 
It was fun to imagine these designs on the stretched canvas prints with mirrored sides :
stretched canvas prints
Whimsical Garden III  (above on the left)
Whimsical Garden IV (above on the right)

Also, this style of decorative watercolor was “screaming” to me to try it on pillows designs:
home decor

Home decor

home decor
And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I have not tried to see how these designs will look in the simple off-white and black interior. 
It was looking pretty good as the matter of fact:
wall art
Another design that was created in the same color theme, was the Organic Decor that has softer lines and mellow edges. I used wax application in order to achieve this effect.
Here is the end result.

wall art
wall art
This soft organic paintings looked sweet on any decorative style print and even on bags:
Irina Sztukowski Art
Yes, Summer might be almost over, but my Decorative Gallery will have the memory of this season forever 🙂 

Cheers from www.artirina.com 

Carrying Paris With You

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Paris design
I was excited to learn that my new designs with Eiffel Tower are now placed on tote bags of various sizes.
This opportunity opened itself when my web host company started a new feature.
Now anyone who wants, for example an abstract pattern on a bag, can go to my Abstract Gallery , Decor Gallery , or Patterns Gallery and select any design for the bags:
colorful purses
On another hand, 
the realistic and semi-realistic flowers are so popular this Summer and fit great a beach tote or a festive Farmers Market bag:
trending flowers
I would be happy to post all 1300+ designs here, but there is no space in the post :). 
It is as simple as could be now to select any realistic or abstract design Tote Bag just by going to

Happy Summer To Everyone!!