Two Old Still Life Paintings And Studio Remodeling

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Click HERE for Detailed Image

Click HERE for Detailed Image
In the process of cleaning up my studio I found these two small 8×10 inch still life paintings that I brought from Russia when coming to study in America more that 10 years ago. I came here with a small suitcase. My luggage contained two sets of clothes, a spoon, a knife, a cup, a fork; and a few watercolor paintings that for some reason I decided to bring with me. I guess once the Artist is always the Artist, no matter what country we go the most important Treasure is our art.
Ten years plus past and now my art contains more than 200 pieces (considering that I am actively painting only for the last two years). Thank God major part of the artworks found their new homes and some are going to be exhibited. But still, my studio grew up tremendously: brushes, paper, books, other supplies. It took me a week to pack stuff and bring upstairs to clean up the studio for the remodeling. Thank God to my Husband, Son, and Father-In-Law do all the “dirty” work. My job during the remodeling is mainly cooking, supervising, and watching that our two cute puppies don’t get into a trouble. 
That is how my studio looked before:
That is how my studio looks now:
And that how one of our bedrooms looks 
(not even mentioning the living room that temporarily became my “new” studio and a storage for the furniture) :
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Dancing Water – Abstract

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A little bit of Water and Color and my next Abstract Series came alive (click on each image to play with the prints sizes, frames, etc if you wish):
In this abstract painting the dancer is leaving and bringing away the rough weather letting us to enjoy the future calm and quiet
Here the girl just stopped dancing, but her skirt is still moving with the last sounds of music
In this abstract painting the ballet dancer is going up in the air and the waves below represent her dress and the energy flow
In this abstract painting I did not even dare to place a figure. The vortex of moving waters was absorbing everything. I have achieved an interesting texture that reminds a foam by sprinkling some salt on the paint while it was still wet
These few paintings are a second part of my Dancing Abstract Collection (in Abstract– Décor – Collage gallery). I started the series when needed to clear my head from pure realism and when I asked myself a question: what color are some dances such Tango, or Flamenco, or classical ballet? And this question led to an idea to create a several series of paintings:

When thinking of Dancing Water nothing but ballet come to my mind.. I guess it is from my childhood memories about a Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

I took cold colors (practically out of the tube) with addition of warmer green. The cool blues are: Ultramarine and Phthalo with a little Cobalt Blue. Purple Violet with the dash of Payne’s Grey are implying deep sea. I definitely used plenty of water to move the paint around letting it spread as it wanted with minimal control. 

It was good to abstract. Now back to Realism :0)


More Abstract Paintings are HERE

watercolor abstraction

Craving some realism? Stop by HERE

fine art

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Free e-Book

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I am so happy to admit that my blog is taking a new turn. 
With its almost 150 posts that reflect not only my art but deliver deep thoughts from my heart; it received more than 800 warm encouraging comments. Meantime, I was wondering: how in return I can be grateful
to my followers and subscribers. And last week it just hit me: is so easy to be generous! I
created a special art book that contains more than 80 paintings from a few recent years. 
I thought it will be a great thing to offer
the following: 
Each person who signs up to have updates from my blog by e-mail
will receive a free art-e-book from me.
Have a splendid day!

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Escape Sea and Landscape

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It is always nice to relax after a commission painting and paint something out of unconscious. The imaginary landscapes and seascapes help. But not so imaginary though. Every artist has some kind of memory bank; and when it comes to the painting the visual experience and the mood pop-up. I did not think about this while painting; but, when I looked at these two small watercolors I tried guess where they came from. 
The top one looked to me very similar to Tenerife Island that I’ve visited back in 1998. And the bottom one, a calm evening on at the bay, came I believe from my memory about a Finland Bay near Saint Petersburg, Russia where I grew up. I painted these two small 5″x7″ on one larger sheet of paper at the same time. And as you see the both of them have very different mood representation: the dramatic sky above the mountains is ready to burst into the rain, yet the soothing evening on a bay and a sailboat deliver a peaceful feeling.
Wiinsor&Newton Watercolors on 140lb Cold Pressed paper  
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul