Bestselling Watercolor World Map – Art Licensing

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Here is Bestselling Watercolor painting under Art Licensing Agreement

This painting is is a part of the Watercolor Silhouettes and World Map Collections.


Live To Create!

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Art Licensing Journey

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Sztukowsi stretched canvas Sunflowers painting
The Art Licensing Journey continues for me and my paintings. 

As I’ve received the first Quarter payment from the company I work with (The ArtWall) , in the article I was writing previously (link is HERE), the whole excitement of being Licensed Artist seemed to be much more real.

For me licensing my art means that more people will be able to obtain the copies of my favorite paintings. 

Today, I’ve learned that not only and are now selling my art; but, as well as one of the most successful retailers such Walmart ( or should we rename it Walm-ART ;)) is presenting the paintings that I have completed in the last five years. 

Affordable Artwork for sale

In this case, being a licensed artist on my Art Licensing journey, and I can say with confidence now, the hard work does pay! 🙂

Art Licensing

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artworks home decor
I am so happy to share a good news for my art collectors and fellow artists. Under a recently signed contract with art licensing company, my art is now widely available on line and in the brick and mortar stores. 

California Watercolor Association latest publication explains it colorfully and in great details:
licence art
The road to my Art Licensing was full of interesting surprises. 
A couple years ago I’ve spotted a company, that was selling artists works on Amazon and Overstock. I was wondering if I could find how to reach this company, but I really couldn’t locate them on the World Wide Web. So, I continued creating my art, trying new things, polishing my skills, and selling art through my online stores. 
To my surprise, at the beginning of this year, the same company I was dreaming of, contacted me personally. They offered to license my art; and, under a specific contract sell my art at efferent venues.
Sounds like a fairy-tail! 
But I understand that my hard work was just paid of. 

What is Art Licensing? 
Basically, it is an agreement with different manufactures under which the artist’s creations can be printed out on multiple surface items. It can be canvas prints, paper posters, or cards. It could be household items such kitchen decor, or home interior objects such lamps, rugs, clothes, etc.  The artist agrees to give part of the rights to those manufactures for a period of time listed in agreement in exchange of Royalty Fees. 

Advantages for the art collectors:
– Affordability. The price of the merchandise is lower as it is printed in massive quantities
– Free Shipping. Some places online offer a good deal or completely free shipping
– New Arrivals. As artist has “passed” the printing and producing responsibilities to the manufacturers, the artist is now able to create new exciting artworks

bestselling watercolor landscapes
Of course there are some drawbacks in massive art licensing production; such as, in example, when I sell artwork (print or original) directly to my art collectors from my websites ( and ), I can supply the customer with the Certificate Of Authenticity with my signature. Some clients do appreciate personal communication; and, direct contact with the artist is priceless for them. 

But I am still very happy that more people who appreciate good art will now have an opportunity to decorate their houses and offices with my Licensed Art 🙂

And now, I feel even stronger responsibility to paint more great art, to bring joy to the art collectors, to make my dreams come true as I have many new designs in my head right now. 

To All My Fellow Artists:
If you work hard, if you have your vision, if you have dreams, and never give up; Success WILL Follow!!

It is time to create!