The Light Through The Roses

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watercolor still life
In this semi realistic and impressionistic still life painting I wanted to point out the contrast of the light and dark. The sun rays are moving from the window directly to the rose bouquet penetrating the rose petals and leaving a bunch of whimsical shadows and reflections on the antique table.

From Semi-Abstract To Extreme Abstract

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decor ideas
I wanted to share here a few out of almost twenty designs that I’ve recently created.
Above series is called Home Sweet Home. The designs are somewhat semi-abstract. Viewers could recognize some familiar objects. For example, on the left one called “Welcoming One” there are shelves, a cappuccino cup and sunflowers in the vase. The one on the right “Welcoming Two” has Venetian Chair, two glasses, and antique curtains. 

The next trio is more abstract, yet it may remind the observer some landscape features: sunrise, mist, and maybe a few mountains in the background.
I called this series simply “Abstract Landscapes
watercolor canvas
And the last abstract series is quite extreme. It was an inspiration after I saw one original of a great artist Paul Jenkins. I came home that day and let my watercolors flow on  a paper. 
The paint created unique designs for me. I had no control of where it goes or how it settles; I was an observer there, watching that pure colors dance. 
I called this series a Pure Color Inspiration:

watercolor canvas abstract

Above are just a few from the designs that I’ve recently created. For those who are brave to take a stroll in my Decor Interior Design Gallery, here is the LINK
I hope you will enjoy the abstract and not-so-abstract creations there :0) 

Eiffel Tower – Walking The Dog in Paris

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Two Girls Walking Dog in Paris watercolor
How many times one artist can paint the Eiffel Tower and Paris skies? 
I did a lot; but, I’ve never gotten tired of doing that!
Once I painted the Eiffel Tower with a lady walking towards it. 
evening in Paris red scarf
The art collector from Covington, LA is a happy owner now. The previous post of creation is HERE
Another painting of the tower is now in San Francisco:
realism in watercolor evening Paris
I posted a story HERE
It is proudly hanging with another painting that has the Eiffel Tower in it too.
Evening In Paris.
travel France watercolor
A mysterious story of this painting is HERE
By the way, this Evening In Paris painting was selected by an independent site as one of the Best Paintings of the Eiffel Tower, which makes me so so proud :0) (the article is HERE)
And just a few years ago, one of my art collectors ordered a commission to give to her dear friend the painting of the Eiffel Tower as a wedding gift:
evening in Paris watercolor
The story of creation is HERE
And last month the same international client wanted a similar painting for herself, for her new house. The request though was that I put not only two ladies walking there, but as well her favorite dog.
So, I fearlessly grubbed my brushes and started creating.
After approval of the sketches:
Paris France
The work in progress has began:
Washes after washes, the skies got their wind and clouds; the Lady Tower got her lace-look dress; and, the girls with a happy dog started walking towards the setting sun:
evening Paris painting
The complete painting is now is obtained by my art collector from Ontario, Canada.
The question I have in my head now: would I paint the Eiffel Tower ever again? And I believe the answer is: absolutely YES! Each time I paint, I feel that I go again visiting Paris, walking to the Tower, watching the evening Paris skies, and have fun!

People Magazine Got Great Ideas

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My Little Apple got a Big honor to be published in PEOPLE magazine online. 
This miniaute painting,
An Apple, was a part of the series 
I am glad it was chosen by a lifestyle editor of People magazine 
to accompany an
article about 
decorative design and home décor ideas

Apple berries lemon orange pomegranate
I guess Z Vitamins are not only good for our health, but for an artist’s promotion as well.

Playing with Mirrors and Crystals, Seashells and Sea Salt

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Realistic Still Life
When painting this rather classic style still life I used some very old and some modern techniques. 
A buzz about Camera Obscura   or Camera Lucida on how the Old Masters used all available and imaginable tools to achieve realism in their art, including the use of mirrors; all that and a bit curiosity inspired me to make one experiment. 

Usually, I use mirror when I estimate an almost complete artworks of mine. The reflection helps to “abstract” from the subject of countless hours of work and see it with the new eye.

But, yet, I have never painted the way I painted this still life.

It is known that painting crystals is not an easy task, especially looking closely at each sparkling edge that can mislead the artist’s hand.
So, instead of painting from live still life, I used the mirror. From the very beginning, I’ve looked not at an object of my painting but into the mirror. And, I’ve painted the reflection: 

For the background I’ve used a modern technique by applying sea salt into wen-on-wet paint. After the salt dried, it created a beautiful texture that no brush can do:

At the very end I checked the accuracy of values by, again, using mirror’s help: I’ve placed the painting upside-down and looked at the reflection, made a few additions until I was satisfied with the result:  

The Old Masters technique was quite fun to use and really helpful!