Apple Cinnamon And Cinnamon Raisins Yogurt Illustrations

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realism in watercolour
Realism in watercolour illustration
These two sweet and spicy still life paintings were born after I was contacted by a Swiss company for a creation of Yogurt Labels. The exciting project will contain several labels, including Apple Strudel.

 I cannot release yet the name of the company; but, I promise when the yogurts hit the European market stores’ shelves, I will post the photos of the illustrations and how they look on the jars. 

Each illustration is going to be unique. The composition will be different from the ones that can be seen above.  

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Artist Blossoms

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impressoinism in watercolor
Artist’s development is usually seen in his or her paintings. Throughout the years one can notice how an artist blossoms.
I’ve recently looked at my paintings of blossoms and clearly so that tendency.
Above painting of Cherry Blossoms was painted when I was around nine years old. Thanks to my dad he saved that watercolor to show me now.
I like that art piece. It has some sort of minimalistic and Impressionistic characteristics. Simple, sweet, and straight forward.
Later on, I became interested in details.
The next blossoms painted decades and decades later, show more realistic approach.

realism in watercolor
The play of contrast of white of the flower against a dark background in Apricot Blossom painting:
And finally, my favorite this days, the Oleander Blossoms, where I painted white of the flower using multiple washes of light yellow, pink and violet:
realism in watercolor
I can say that as an artist, I was blossoming with my blossoms, working on the techniques and trying to bring out the beauty of each flower.

Made In USA – and – California Grown

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apples man dogs
My latest large painting is complete. 
I picked such name, Made In USA, as I remember my husband joking: If I ever get a tattoo, it shell be “Made In USA”.. I find  it very patriotic indeed :0)..

So, I picked the subjects for my painting: 
All Are Made In USA.

First, I painted the dogs: Fred and George – Made In USA
realism in watercolor
Then I moved to painting apples, one by one: proudly grown in our garden, by ourselves..and… Made In USA
realism in watercolor
Then I took Hookers Green and Grass Green paint by Daniel Smith Co (made in USA) and painted flowers, foliage, and grass:
foliage green art
And the final, Golden Centerpiece of this painting is my husband, who is also “Made In USA”, in fact, in a beautiful Golden State of California. 
He is proudly washing apples. And, by the way, those apples were sweet, sweet!! :0)
Apple Harvest realism In watercolor
It certainly takes a long time to grow apples. It took me more than a season to finish this artwork.

George and Fred cannot believe they were so small one day!

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

The Apple Fest

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watercolor painting
A part of my large painting is completed: an apple part. While painting those little apples I was wondering how many times I did so (never though I painted apples in the water with watercolors :)..

I remember the times (20 or so years ago) when my teacher placed an apple as a part of a still life and explained that the roundness of this “object” will attract the viewer’s eye. And it truly did, especially with the metal spoon pointing to that apple:
realism in watercolor
I painted apples big (a real size):
watercolor on Aquabord
(on a watercolor Aquabord )
And I painted apples as small as to fit on teeny-tiny 2″x3″ paper:
watercolor miniature
miniature painting of fruits
Once, I’ve even created an instructional sequence on how to paint an apple in six easy steps:
watercolor artwork
It was cool to imagine how the apple “grew” on a white piece of paper:
I guess, for me, apples are really fun to paint: none of them, even though look alike, is the same. Each has it’s own personality:
realism in watercolor
Just like these two Cuties above were pushing their Brother over the board; or, the freshly-picked apple below is happy to spread its arms-leaves under an afternoon Sun: 
Realism in watercolors
Like they say “an apple a day keeps the doctors away“; my apples , quite contrary, surely kept me busy and pretty close to my studio

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

A Gift From The Garden – A Happy Apple

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Still life garden fruit
Introducing a Garden Apple, the one that didn’t come from the grocery store!

 I love freshly picked apples for their gentle highlights, for almost fuzzy glowing from inside skin. Unlike the store-bought apples with the layer of wax and days on the shelf, the garden fruits seem to be more happy.. 

This apple surely was a happy camper. The leaves on the branch were like spreading hands..and the fruit was smiling:
 “Eat me! Oh, no, wait, paint me first!”

Original Painting “Still Life With Apple” is 6″x11″ on Arches 300lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

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In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Apple Blossoms in November

apple, apple blossom, bestsellers, blossom, decor, Fine Art, floral, fruit, garden, Irina, Painting, realism in watercolor, Sztukowski, Watercolor
blossom realistic painting
See Detailed Image HERE

I went to the garden yesterday and was quite shocked to see that our apple tree started blooming again. The weather was so warm for the last couple of weeks, at least 80 F (around 25 C) that the tree got confused and thought it is Spring. I admired that short time beauty; and, knowing that these flowers would probably never develop into an apple (the cold weather is right behind the corner); I’ve painted them giving a chance to live :0)..
And as an Artist I can also make that blossom becoming an apple just by moving my magic brush.. and viola, there it is:
Top Painting: Apple Blossoms is 10″x13″ on Arches Watercolor Paper
Bottom Painting: Apple 5″x5″ Watercolor on Aquabord

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fine art
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Pumpkin On The Window

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See Detailed Image HERE
My Impressionistic landscape became a background for a still life with Pumpkin and its Company. In this painting I have married Realism and Impressionism and Still Life with Landscape. The colors on the window repeat the colors in the landscape, and that what Miss Fall is sharing with us: the bounty of the colors :0).
Original Painting is 18″x21″ on 140 Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper 
The art studio remodeling is at its first important stage. Still, so much to do. And here is the proof: 
(All Men are At Work):
I feel spoiled as I am only cooking and cleaning here.. but I did have a chance to help painting the windows and doors too :0)
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul