Barnes & Noble Here We Come

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Super sweet surprise waited for me today when I went to Barnes&Noble Bookstore website: the book on Horses Hearts and Unicorns just got to their virtual shelves. What a great way to start the day! Love it!!

Barnes And Noble Book Store Coloring Book Horses Hearts Unicorns by artist Irina Sztukowski

and here is the link to see the book in the bookstore:

Horses Hearts And Unicorns Coloring And Activity Book by Irina Sztukowski




Coloring And Activity Book About Horses, Hearts And Unicorns

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The Book about Horses & Unicorns is published now. I am very happy about results as this book is more interactive and has not only mystical creatures such Unicorns, but as well landscapes with horses from all over the World: there are not only ranches from California and Virginia; there are Holland windmills and Italian castles, there are barns and carriages of rural areas, there are palms of Bahamas. And this time I added half dozen of activity pages such Connect The Dots, Resolve The Maze, Find The Differences fun tasks.

Coloring And Activity Book about Horses Hearts and Unicorns

The book can be found on Amazon:

Animals Watercolor Illustration – Horses

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Watercolor Pencils Coloring Animals Horses illustration Irina Sztukowski

This illustration was created in preparation for a new Coloring and Activity book about horses. It is important for me to draw and paint animals in the nature, free and happy. I chose the realistic style for the landscapes and somewhat symbolic style for other illustrations that will be in this book. In this particular painting the contrast of the fall forest and evening sun adds lively three dementional look to the whole scene.

Farm Animals Watercolor Paintings

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goat and horse painted in watercolour
This week I’ve completed three paintings with farm animals. 

The inspiration came from visiting one nice farm next to Columbia River in the State Of Washington. I enjoyed a stay at the ranch house with those cute curios animals that the owner keeps as pets.

A curious goat:
goat watercolour artwork

Two sweet female goats that loved the petting so much that they would come to the fence right away when they saw me:
watercolour artwork of two goats on the grass
And I couldn’t not to paint a gorgeous horse that was grazing at the pasture: 
watercolour of a horse grazing at the pasture

More watercolor illustrations and painting are in this Gallery HERE 

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