Judging An Art Show – Alameda County Fair

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Still Life with ink and pencil
I was invited to judge kids’ art show at Alameda County Fair. CWA is giving monetary awards this year to three lucky winners.

There were around 20 paintings from the grade 6 through 12. 
This was my first time judging an art show. Before that I was on another side of the fence: being judged. Sometimes I was not chosen, some times I won. 

I knew that judging is not an easy task. Yet, I didn’t know how NOT easy it is! 

All those paintings already won 1st places from different schools in order to enter Alameda County Fair art show. So, my task was to choose best of the best. 

Art is quite difficult subject for judging. You can’t just place an art on a scale like a tube of paint and say: Yes, this one is “heavy” enough and it is worth getting/winning. Art speaks different language.

Carefully observing each age category I walked down the aisle with the pen, writing comments about each painting:
Art Show
My helper, and a professional photographer Maria Batkova took photos of each painting for us to be able to check them out one by one, with no environmental interruption for values (when needed to look at photos): 
selective watercolor art
I explored composition, subject, and yes, I did look at the technique as well. 
As hard as it was, but I’ve managed to pick three best of the best watercolor paintings that day! 
Alameda Fairgrounds
I hope the winners will be happy and will save their Award of Excellence certificates for future Artist Portfolios. 

When I was 15 years old, I won the first place for a still life that I named Ultramarine. But, unfortunately for me, the certificate was lost, and the painting for some reason vanished. I probably should recreate that painting from my memory one day..hm maybe I will :0)

Crab Cove in Alameda, California – Plein-Air Painting

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(to see the details click HERE)
The hazy cool morning in Alameda Crab Cove grew later into a lovely sunny day; but in my painting I wanted to pick up the beginning of the day when the bird is thinking of its breakfast, the tide is getting lower, and the wind surfers on the background just started setting up their sails for an active weekend fun.
And here the report from my fellow artists and their arts. It was great to be with the group of them to discuss our art works, laugh, share, and inspire each other:
12″x16″ Watercolor on 300lb Cold Pressed Arches
More Plein-air paintings are HERE
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul