Busy Berry Season & Digital Bugs

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strawberry raspberry acerola pattern
I got overwhelmed with a new style these days. I am playing with digital art images in Adobe Illustrator. My digital art so far looks pretty much as my watercolors. And of course, the first subjects that I was playing with, were berries.

I first made digital Strawberries:
Then I created Raspberries:
And then, I thought about exotic berry that is called Acerola:
It was fun to add digital colors into my new creations. 
They do look like my watercolors that I’d paint by hand thought.

 And, in reality, there is no digital art ever existed that would be without an artist’s creative touch. 

My other super digital art started for example with drawing (by hand of course) funny looking bugs. Then I applied a few filters in Adobe Illustrator, and filled with digital color. 

Here is the example:

These cute bugs are just asking to jump into some children book.
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