Abstract Paintings

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abstraction for interior of the home

After working on several commissions that involved not only the strict suggestions, artist’s discipline, and realistic paintings techniques; I really wanted to rest my imagination on the abstract art. Researching recently how to work with mixed media, I applied several of those techniques to my watercolor paintings when created a totally new (at least for me) abstract artworks.

Needless to say, it did involve imagination and artist’s skill; but this time I was moving the “brush strokes” applying only feelings and trying to abstract my mind from the realism.

And that is how a new Mixed Media additions to my Abstract Galley got created.
The warm yellow and brown fascinated my imagination. I saw some earthy, wavy, rocky texture; and, I called these series The Terrestrial Brush Strokes.

Another one was definitely reminding me a strong ocean filled with dynamic movements.

I called it The Sea Of Emotions:

brown yellow abstraction
When I introduced these earthy designs to one of my dear art collectors, I’ve heard a reasonable question: Why it is so brown? Can it be in some cooler colors, like for example purple, too?

I thought: There is nothing impossible for the Mixed Media and a wild imagination; and, the Purple Reflection series was created:
cool color organic art

Ā And later, for Some Likes It Hot, I’ve managed to put my artwork on fire an ignited the art designs that can make anyone warm šŸ™‚

square art
These and a few more Mixed Media designs found a great home in my Abstract Art Gallery; and soon they will travel the world in forms of prints, canvases, metal, and acrylic prints.

Going Green

abstract, abstract painting, emerald, emerald green, Watercolor, watercolor on canvas
watercolor on canvas
Here, I am presenting a few recent abstract works that I have painted on watercolor canvas.Ā 
The green soothing colors reminded me a glow of emerald crystal, sometimes deep green with a blue tint and sometimes grassy yellow..

I called this part of my abstract landscape series an Emerald Flow.

Emerald I and Emerald II are below:
watercolor on canvas
The model on a couch is Fred, my puppy, he was posing so good that I couldn’t resist and placed him “to guard” the peace in this green room.
And to be fair to my other dog, here is what he was doing while Fred was “guarding”..
Prince George was “deep-ing” in Blue :0)