A Little Bit of Nostalgia – Daffodil Paintings

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Every time I see daffodils they remind me a little suns that shine from inside. They also remind me of my grandma who grew daffodils in our summer house. Each summer she would bring huge bouquet of daffodils to the city and share with our neighbors. In our beautiful, 300 year old city where grass or trees are only in the parks; those tiny flowers were the gifts from beyond. The smell was astonishing. I can remember it when writing this right now. Very good memories! 

Since then I’ve painted daffodils many times; and, I believe I progressed quite a bit in painting manner and technique:

Still life with vase and daffodils painted in watercolor

And recently, several daffodils from miniature to a full size ones were included in my new Coloring Book – Botanical Flowers , Volume I:

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14 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Nostalgia – Daffodil Paintings

  1. In the spring, I have these next to my house in the gardens; they are my favorite flower at that time of the year. There aroma is wonderful. I always have a difficult time painting them; but you have done it very well.

  2. Dear Irina,
    Oh, so lovely work. Me,too, always look at flower's centre with wonder and awe. By chance, at hospital, young volunteers gave me these wonderful flowers for Cancer Council. Flowers remind me of Life.
    Kind regards, Sadamiqu

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