Watercolor Painting Of Orange – Artful Vitamins Series

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Painting half orange
Watercolor Painting of Cut Orange by the artist Irina Sztukowski

 Original was SOLD
Prints are available HERE

When I painted these oranges my biggest challenge was those little veins and the highlights on the cut. The main idea was to make everything without a drop of white paint; just by leaving white of the paper.
My favorite part was the orange flower in the corner. I really wanted it to glow and give a good contrast to the orange color.

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

5 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting Of Orange – Artful Vitamins Series

  1. Dear Irina,
    Breathtakingly beauuuuutiful! …and looks so fresh and yummy (and INDEED!).
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful work.
    Kind regards,

  2. Good morning Irina. I am now looking at your artwork on your blog. You have some very nice work. Hopefully, your passion for artwork will keep you motivated. Thanks for viewing my blog.

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