Watercolor Landscape – State Of Washington Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River, fall, gorge, landscape, Oregon mountains, Painting, season, State Of Washington, Watercolor
watercolor landscape by the artist Irina Sztukowski
Watercolor Painting of Columbia River Gorge, State Of Washington. Artist – Irina Sztukowski
This painting of a beautiful view of Columbia River Gorge and far mountains of Oregon that you can see from the state of Washington shore I painted el plein-air style. 

The weather was constantly changing as the Fall breeze was shaving the leaves from the trees and making wave-like movements on still green grass. The Sun was trying to get through the clouds. I called that sky a watercolor sky as the clouds formations were precisely what happens to watercolor when you put wet paint on a pre-wet paper. The sky practically “painted” itself. 

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