Watercolor Editorial Illustration Publication Update

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Spring In The Mountains Watercolour Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski
Spring In The Mountains Watercolor Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
Only a few months left before my Spring In The Mountains painting will be published in a new book by Linea Editorial company

I wrote about this in my previous post:

Painting For Publishing For A New Art Book

I also mentioned about this painting in the post about one art show:
Feeling Blue In Naperville, IL

It does take a long time to see an editorial illustration in publication. The process of the publishing involves not only artist’s painting, but the work of whole team of editors, signing contracts, finalizing details.

I am blessed that this artwork was editorial choice; and soon, it will be on pages of a great book. I am also glad that I have an opportunity to paint editorial illustrations for different publications such magazines, books, and newspapers. 
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