Art For Kids & Baby Room Interior Decor

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watercolor for kids
Art can certainly add lots of fun colors to a baby room or a kids’ bedroom decor. 
Above paintings:
These two art works bring imaginative story to this bright baby room.

Next painting, Teddy Bears In The Bed, which I’ve painted after one famous nursery rhyme became a great centerpiece for a muted light color of baby room interior:
art for babies teddies
For a girl that loves loves loves pink, these bright watercolor from hyper realism to the abstract art would fit perfectly for her room interior decor:
art for girl room
For the girl that like to be outdoors and bike, watch butterflies, and smell flowers, these purple hues would become the best companions for her interior decor:

interior decoration watercolor artwork
For a girl dreamer who loves walking on the beach and searching for seashells, the paining Girl And The Ocean would be a great fit for sure:
girl's room interior decor
And I didn’t forget the baby boys room interior. Here are a few funny dots abstract paintings for their baby-blue interior decor:
watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
The decorative ideas for baby room interiors and kids’ rooms art decor are endless when it comes to watercolor. 
I have dozens and dozens of paintings for children in my three creative galleries:

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