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Children Book Illustrations
With great excitement I want to share big news about a wonderful assignment that was “cooking” in my art studio for the last six-seven months.  
At the end of March of this year I was approached by a Canadian author, Connie Du, with a proposal to illustrate her new book
“Bernard Goes To Music School”. 
We started working on this project in April and now the book is in the print. 

It is understandable that I couldn’t release full information until the date of the publishing was established. But now, I am so glad I can share the story of how I illustrated this book, my choices of color themes, composition decisions, and how it is to work on children book illustration in collaboration with the author. 

I will be presenting some of the illustrations and my artist’s story about creation in the next posts. Right now, I am extremely happy that the book is almost published; and, soon many kids in the World can read a wonderful exiting story about boy Bernard, who went to music school. 

I will be posting my works of art into a special Gallery on my website , the Gallery that is called

and here is update from 10/25/16. The book is now published and it is available on

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

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