Sketches Of Chicago

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Irina Sztukowski Watercolor
This week I am visiting the beautiful City of Chicago. And the best way for an artist to remember the travels is to paint. 

Luckily both times I’ve been to Chicago, which was early Fall and now late Spring, allowed to feel comfortable spreading my Travel Watercolor kit on a park bench and lose myself applying line by line, brush stroke by brush stroke.

The above sketch was done in the garden that surrounds the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the most richest and grand collections of classic and modern art. I can spend hours and hours browsing there from old masters to Impressionists, from amazing sculptures to shocking modern art of the beginning of 20th Century. 

The next sketch was done in the shade of walking pass along the river. I was fascinated how the new architecture there fits the old style buildings gracefully and monumentally.

And there is so much more to see and sketch in Chicago. My watercolor Travel Kit and my photo camera are my best friends today!

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