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interior design for kids
When looking at my new creations for Baby Room Gallery, I caught myself thinking “Gosh, it seems that I practically create for a Baby Girl only!”.. Even baby blue Flower Cloud series seem to be screaming Girl! Girl! Girl!
art for kids
I had to admit, yes, out of more than 100 paintings and designs in Baby Room Gallery, there are probably at least 75% artworks that can be used for a baby girl room decor:
Well, I just couldn’t stop creating floral designs. The flowers, either on baby pink or baby blue seem to be so gentle, so appropriate for a baby room decoration:
art for kids

art for kids

art for girl room
Then, there are not only flowers there, in the gallery. I also have a series with Winnie The Pooh that definitely was created to boys and girls. Actually, Winnie looks to me more suited for boys as he seemed to get into a lot of troubles by trying to eat that honey:
art for children

art for children room

art for kids room
Another series of paintings about Peter Rabbit was my fantasy on what would that silly boy dream about after his mom sent him to bed without dinner for his behavior at Mr McGregors’ garden. 
It seems to me that these three paintings can definitely be applied to some silly boys in some houses:
art for kids room

aft for children room decor

art for kids room decor
Ok, looking at the Baby Room Gallery with the critical eye, I confess; there are many artworks for girls. But, the boys were not left behind; they also have something to learn from 🙂

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