Free Shipping On Prints and Canvases…!!?

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It is a known fact that shipping is quite expensive these days. Yet a lot of big companies such Amazon or manage to offer clients free shipping on their merchandise.

This was, and still is, very hard to accomplish when sending large prints or stretched canvases.

I was recently contacted by a developer of a new company that tries its best to provide a good service the the art collectors and yet maintain the quality of wall art.

The letter clearly stated:

We are printing company founded by artists and photographers, we are 

based in Montreal and New York. ( So we are able from Canada or USA 
easily without any customs fees ).

Primarily, we are printing large size art. Mostly in Stretched Canvas, 
but also Acrylic, Metal … We want to focus on art and help promoting 

We have a unique concept and relation with our artists, we don’t make 
money on the art, but want to increase our printing volume, so we don’t 
take commission on the rights you are asking on each sales.
Consider us more as a printing partner.

Usually, I receive at least two invitations a month to some POD (Print On Demand) companies. Though, after looking at their websites, and applying my long time selling art experience, I usually turn the offers down.

This one was intriguing. The website looked clean and appealing, the offer was promising; and the attitude of the developers was professional. 
The most appealing for me was that the company provided a free shipping for canvas and paper prints. And, as I received many complains from my clients that they love the art, but the shipping is “killing”, I really appreciated the fact that I can help to cut the costs by all means.

Long story make short, I now have a very good tool for my art collectors to order artworks for their interior decor with free shipping. Yey!!

I also loved how the customers can go and virtually “place” my paintings on the wall of their choice, right on their computer screens. It helped them to estimate the size that they wanted.

Here are a few examples:

wall art for interior

wall art for interior decor

wall art for interior decor

coastal art for beach house decor

wall art for interior decor
wall art interior decor

I just LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT how the technology these days helps us, artists, to imagine our paintings placed  into the interior decor of a home.

Today, I still keep uploading my art into this new Gallery of mine. And it is way to go in order to have a full portfolio there. But if anyone likes any of my paintings specifically from and lets me know, I would prioritize and place them on this new website first. 

I am so pleased that I can now provide the art collectors with better price; especially with free shipping. And I hope this company keeps it that way!

And for my Fellow Artists I am glad to reveal the name of this new developing website:

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