Amalfi Coast Italy – Mediterranean Seascape

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realism in watercolor

Remembering one great trip to Italy a few years ago, I painted this summer seascape; and, I felt as if I returned to visit Sorrento and Amalfi Coast all over again.

The beauty of the coast is undesirable. What strikes me there it’s the diversity of that 50-kilometers (almost 30 miles) of Amalfi coastline. The natural beauty of cliffs and grottoes compete with the beauty of man-made kind: gorgeous churches, rustic towns, lemon orchards. No wonder it is the point of destination for so many tourists. When we drove the coastal road, we had chance to visit Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. 

In my art collection (e.g. Italy Gallery)  I have a few sketches of Amalfi Coast and its surroundings.

A view of volcano Vesuvius from Sorrento shore:

watercolor sketches of Italy
A little pass from the hotel to a rocky beach:

Watercolor sketches of Italy
A lovely cafe on the top of the cliff:

watercolor sketches of Italy
Impressionistic sunset above the Mediterranean Sea:

watercolor sketch of Italy
Rocky road alone the shore in the evening:

watercolor sketch of Italy
And, Streets Of Sorrento:


I yet had chance to paint Ravello or Amalfi towns, but there is Positano famous town here in my Italian collection of watercolors:

realism in watercolor

I love how the buildings are melting together with the mountains and flowers here.

Amalfi coast is beautiful. The Nature melts with man-made beauty so well. Though, I definitely loved Italian cities such Pisa, Rome, Venice, and Sienna for its monumental beauty:

realism in watercolor
realism in watercolor

My trip to Italy continues now on paper, and my vehicle in this case is painting tubes and brushes 🙂 

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