Pillow Or Scarf? Scarves Or Pillows?

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I was overwhelmed with happy creative thoughts when I’ve learned I can put my art on the pillow cases. Now the opportunity opened itself again as I found that I can place my art on the silky scarves through one of the companies that I work with.

The questions are:

Which art is looking good on pillows?

Which art is looking good on scarves?

Scarves or Pillows?

Pillows or Scarves?

And here I am creating restlessly. First I placed a few abstracts to see how it looks like. The Blue Abstract was one of my customers favorite in the vertical forms for pillows; but, I wanted to see how it looks like in dynamic and made the lines flow

Then, I grabbed my Fall Impressionism artwork and placed it on both, pillows and scarves.. Looking good, good:
orange and red design

orange yellow red design
But I really wanted something more repetition-al, something more settled on my designs. The Blue Geometry artwork helped me to succeed:
Scarves with cold patterns
On another hand, when I placed more realistic work, in this case my Pink Lilies, in the pattern format, I all of a sudden saw a whole new approach to the visual.. I called this pattern Pink Lily DNA:
floral patterns
And of course, my personal favorite, are the Impressionistic Sunflowers, that in a bunch were looking even more festive on the dark background of the pillow cases and scarves:
watercolor art
yellow flowers watercolor
But the question is still up in the air:
Pillows or Scarves? Scarves or Pillows?

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