French Bakery

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window bicycle basket
Continuing my research for the subjects for a new commission painting, I thought about a possibility of a bicycle trip to some bakery. As I mentioned in the previous posts French Cafe and  Hot Hot Chocolate, my customer wanted a bicycle with the basket full of flowers standing next to the window. I loved her idea about the bicycle standing next to not only a cafe, but maybe a bakery, where they can serve a fresh bread and a nice cup of coffee…  And the painting had been created. I collect this and other ideas in the newborn Gallery that I called

The happy owner of the new shiny bicycle just bought sunflowers at the local farmers market and two loafs of French baguette at this lovely bakery. 
The bakery offered a hot cup of coffee; and, aroma of freshly made bread with the combination of a brewed cappuccino very quickly influenced the decision to take a nice break. The bicycle is patiently waiting with its goodies in the basket; but, if you look closely, a little visitor on the rocky wall right underneath the window is thinking of some mischief here.. 🙂

In this painting I created a new texture for the house and made the window shutters white, just for a difference to make the painting shine and to give my customer more ideas for the future commission painting. 

And as always, in this painting process of the series, I am not limiting my imagination by just French Country, there will be more paintings with new sweet discoveries from different parts of the world.

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