Watercolor Markers

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pink floral
These days I am “playing” with a new form of watercolor,  watercolor markers.
I’ve discovered them while shopping at Michael’s. And, realizing that they are made by one of my favorite watercolor manufacturer, Winsor & Newton, I decided to give it a try:
The quality of these watercolor markers is somewhere in between markers and watercolor. You can draw just like with simple markers, but when adding a brush with water, the magic happens and watercolor look appears. 

Above pink mystical flowers are painted that way. I first drew the petals then filled them with water brush strokes.

Then I tried to paint a little still life:
watercolor markers
Then, a simple semi-realistic landscape for kid’s room was created:

art for kids room
But mostly, I enjoyed painting with watercolor markers some floral patterns where I could use the quality of the markers at best and just a little of water for the small washes:
watercolor markers
Drawing and painting patterns inspired me to create a body of work that opened a new gallery with this kind of paintings; but, this will be a subject of another post.. 


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