Valentine’s Designs

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watercolor card
When my customers started purchasing Valentine’s Cards in January, I was surprised at first but then realized: “Oh, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is right behind the corner!”
It inspired me to created more designs for this lovely (literally) holiday. And it din’t take too long to fill the gallery with more flowers. 
It is great that people are still sending good old cards by snail mail these days. It has some charm chic, isn’t it!

I am guilty, I keep sending electronic cards out. Luckily, everyone now can do it too through the internet licensing websites.
I am not an exception, the Valentine’s Gallery is now extended to carry electronic cards as well.

watercolor card
The new designs above were added to both galleries, the “paper gallery” and the “electronic gallery” 

Happy Sooner Than YOU Think Valentine’s Day!! 

Here are just a few of my favorite designs:

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