In The Garden

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realism in watercolor gazebo
I called this painting In The Garden though this name is
more applicable to a series that is getting bigger month after month.
Visualizing this landscape was easy for me. The whole
composition just popped up in front of my eyes, in my mind. And then I just
needed to apply what I imagined on the paper.

I imagined a soft breeze playing with the tops of the
cypress trees. Some pink and purple flowers in the flower bed are competing in
their beauty with the red geranium in the decorative vases. Only the songs of
the birds are interrupting the peaceful moment in the garden.

A little girl just woke up after a nice nap. She is sitting
on the steps of the house, and looking at the garden. Yet she is not along as
you can notice. The garden gazebo is welcoming some light figure there. Was
it a trick that the afternoon shadows were playing; or, a young lady is coming
up to the steps in her shimmering dress? Perhaps, she is a visitor from a
dream. The girl is half asleep. She is holding her favorite toy, her Teddy
Bear. The afternoon sun is warming up the ground and the tiles of the steps. It
is a beautiful peaceful time, when a dream mixes up with reality. It is a warm
Summer day, good for a daydreaming and a nice walk.  

Here is a few other paintings from In The Garden series that came out of my imagination recently:

Girl Reading book painting
realism in watercolor

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