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Lilian Harvey fragment in watercolor
This painting is a careful study of the artwork of James Tissot, Le Banc De Jardin (The Garden Bench), which he painted in 1882. My point of the interest was a little girl in a green dress, Lilian Harvey. This girl is peacefully reclining on a garden bench, leaning on her dear aunt Kathleen Newton. Lilian’s eyes are curious to watch the artist painting. She is resting, but any time she might jump to look at the painting in progress; as one day she will be too painting inspired by the great artist James Tissot…

The exploration of the old masters brought me to a new series, a Vintage Art; but, not only I was curious in the subjects, I also started to explore an old medium. 
I bought a few boxes of antique watercolor paint and started painting. Not an easy task, when you already got spoiled by hundreds of paints’ shades and colors of our modern days.

The antique watercolors more opaque, not so much transparent.Some of the colors (such juicy green or turquoise were missing and I had to work around creating my own mixes). Lots of work, but I definitely enjoyed it. 
Couleurs Sans Danger vintage

The first artwork was an inspiration from old antique greeting cards style. The cute little girl with rosy cheeks was born:

Portrait Of a Girl
I  painted this artwork with the antique French watercolors ,Couleurs Sans Danger. It was quite an experience! 
 Later on, this girl will become a great model for Christmas Cards with nostalgic vintage feeling.

The story of the vintage style exploration was just starting. Something else happened in just a few days after the first vintage painting. 
All of a sudden, my head started creating more and more images from the artworks that I’ve previously painted. And, sure enough, as I have something similar to OCD, which is called OAD (Obsessive Artist Disorder) a dozen of vintage images landed in a new gallery:

I am introducing just a few of them here. In my opinion, those images, create sweet vintage feelings and might trigger good old memories from the viewers:

A peacefully sleeping baby:

antique style art
A sweet memories from the trip to the shore:
Antique art style
Princess Diana portrait in vintage style:
Vintage style artwork
Paris France wall art

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