Strolling In The Garden

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Park Strolling watercolor
My latest inspiration is in this watercolor landscape Strolling In The Garden.
I looked through the window of my studio and observed the street, a grapefruit tree, plants and flowers lit by the morning Sun. An artist imagination did not wait long to create this simple, yet romantic scene. 
In the best traditions of impressionists and applying some realistic technique, I painted partially from my imagination and partially from what I have seen in front of me; a fresh full of sunlight landscape, a trouble-free summer story. 

The young woman walking with umbrella is strolling away from the viewer. She might have a book in her hands; and, soon, she will rest and read her novel enjoying a nice warm day.. Or maybe, her thoughts are drifting far far away. The Sun, the light, and a nice walk with umbrella; a private moment in a beautiful park… I was there, in my imagination; and, I painted it..

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