From Semi-Abstract To Extreme Abstract

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I wanted to share here a few out of almost twenty designs that I’ve recently created.
Above series is called Home Sweet Home. The designs are somewhat semi-abstract. Viewers could recognize some familiar objects. For example, on the left one called “Welcoming One” there are shelves, a cappuccino cup and sunflowers in the vase. The one on the right “Welcoming Two” has Venetian Chair, two glasses, and antique curtains. 

The next trio is more abstract, yet it may remind the observer some landscape features: sunrise, mist, and maybe a few mountains in the background.
I called this series simply “Abstract Landscapes
watercolor canvas
And the last abstract series is quite extreme. It was an inspiration after I saw one original of a great artist Paul Jenkins. I came home that day and let my watercolors flow on  a paper. 
The paint created unique designs for me. I had no control of where it goes or how it settles; I was an observer there, watching that pure colors dance. 
I called this series a Pure Color Inspiration:

watercolor canvas abstract

Above are just a few from the designs that I’ve recently created. For those who are brave to take a stroll in my Decor Interior Design Gallery, here is the LINK
I hope you will enjoy the abstract and not-so-abstract creations there :0) 

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