Pears Trio

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watercolor pears
Oh Pears, Pears! Each time I paint them I think about a figure painting. They are just like humans: not two pears are alike, are they?

These three ladies I painted on special Watercolor Canvas made by Fredrix. I loved to experiment. If to look closely, there is texture of the canvas is seen. 

The pears were from Farmers Market. They perfectly showing their imperfection: pretty as Nature intended.
The shelf that they are sitting on is made of Myrtle Wood. My husband and I picked the wood from the shop in Oregon; and, then he made the lovely shelf that I cherish.
Myrtle wood has quite interesting texture and it is one of the rare woods in the world.

No other hardwood excels Oregon Myrtlewood in
beauty of grain and variety of coloring. Golden tans and muted reds, yellow
greens and soft grays, ash blonds and seal browns, often patterned with velvet
black for striking designs within the wood. Here is nature’s artistry
 (read more here)

I had fun not only painting those pears, but also got lost in the grain of the wood. At some point, while painting it, I was thinking I painted marble shelf, not a wooden one.

Now, back to the pears. 
Here are just a few pears for the road

They do look good when they sprinkled with a few drops of water:
still life painting

A single pear on a watercolor board Aquabord does make a personal statement 
(the story about it is in the previous post here): 
realistic painting

And, even with coffee, pears look appealing, playful, and yummy: 
(prints are available in my Still Life Gallery here)


Original Painting Three Pears on The Myrtle Wood Shelf is 8″x10″ Watercolor on Fredrix Canvas

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

4 thoughts on “Pears Trio

  1. I smiled when you compared pears to ladies. I am the typical pear shape! and too old now to change it!
    A wonderful painting and I love the details on the shelf! xx

  2. Dear Irina:) No wonder you sold the paintings! They are gorgeous. Love the colors and the water drops. Great art.
    Question: Do you have the adress of the website you have the “fake”frames from? Thank you so much. Have a nice week!

  3. Hi Renate,
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    The answer to your question is easy: you can go to and play with the “fake” frames on the website. It is powered by FineArtAmerica and they give an opportunity for customers to see how different frames will look like with the paintings… Easy breezy :0)

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