Evening Primrose – Another Purple Flower

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Pink Lady Flower
Though this flower sometimes is called Evening Pink Primrose, I got lucky and met it in purple. 

One more painting of Bay Area Flowers series is completed. 

I was able to catch a close up of the flower in the evening Sun, which gave a good 3D effect to the painting. After the painting was finished I’ve made a little research on the flower as I didn’t want to place the post on just “Another Purple Flower“. I found out that:
Originally native only to central grasslands from Missouri and Nebraska south
through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to northeastern Mexico, Pink ladies or Pink
evening primrose is an upright to sprawling, 1 1/2 ft.
 perennial, which
spreads to form extensive colonies. Its large, four-petaled flowers,
 solitary from
leaf axils, range in color from dark pink to white. Nodding buds, opening into
pink or white flowers, are in the upper leaf axils on slender, downy stems. The
delicate-textured, cup-shaped blossoms are lined with pink or red veins.
Foliage is usually linear and
 pinnate, although leaves can be entire and lance-shaped depending on locality. A hardy and drought
resistant species that can form colonies of considerable size. The flowers may
be as small as 1 (2.5 cm) wide under drought conditions. The plant is
frequently grown in gardens and escapes from cultivation.
As the common name implies, most evening primrose species open
their flowers in the evening, closing them again early each morning. The
flowers of some members of the
 genus open in the evening so rapidly that the movement can almost be
observed. Pink evening primrose populations in the southern part of its natural
range, however, open their flowers in the morning and close them each evening.
To further complicate matters, populations in the northern parts of its range
tend to open in the evening. 
After the research on Evening Primrose, I’ve accidentally, but to my amazement, discovered the name of those purple flowers that I’ve recently painted, yet struggled to find the name of the species:
Purple Flower
It turned out that this plant is called Madeira Cranebill
The old post on this painting is HERE
Original Evening Primrose Flower painting is 20″x16″ on 300lb Arches Watercolor Cold Pressed paper

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4 thoughts on “Evening Primrose – Another Purple Flower

  1. Hello Irina:) This is so beautiful!! The stamper and his shadow are so well painted and the color is great. I really love this one. Great depth to by the nice background.
    Have a nice week!

  2. Hello my dear, I haven't been by lately, been under the weather but back now OK.
    Your flowers are so precious.
    I just love to see your work. Take care dear friend! xx

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