Painting With An Opposite Hand

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Sun Light Painting
Are you right-handed? Have you tried to write with the left hand?
Or, maybe you are a left-hander, who thought about drawing with the right one?
Try it! It is fun!
Those thoughts came to me when a couple weeks ago I’ve pulled my working arm in the elbow area. The pain was almost unbearable. It is better now.
I have put my right arm to rest for a day and did everything (EVERYTHING!) with the left one. Not an easy task, I can tell you.
I took a brush, placed my paints and water on the left side and dove/dived in.
I thought why not: 
And here is my attempt: The roses in my backyard. 
I’ve used a brush to draw instead of the pencil, then started painting applying the strokes one-by-one. No washes, no precise lines. At the end I grabbed a sponge and dabbed the rocky wall texture in. Maybe that was a secret of Impressionists: they worked with opposite hands ;0) ???
Quite new experience! 
Try doing something with the opposite hand. 
It is a fun challenge
Original Painting Roses is 12″x16″ on Strathmore 140lb Cold Pressed (painted with the left hand)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

3 thoughts on “Painting With An Opposite Hand

  1. That is amazing, Irina! I have never tried painting with my left hand, but for several months I was forced to rely on my left hand after my horse accidently kicked and broke my right arm.

  2. Dearest Irina, left or right handed, you could paint marvellously if you stood on your head!! LOL! It's wonderful.
    I am so behind with my visits. Big Hugs xx

  3. Hello Irina:) I can tell you this: you paint better with your opposite hand then I do with my best hand 🙂 or should I do 🙁
    Anyway, your painting is beautiful! Have a nice day!

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