Watercolor Hibiscus

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floral painting
Here is a simple hibiscus flower. When it was the right season, I saw it every day going down my street. When the light was right, I took a photo. And when the time was right, I painted it. 

Personally, hibiscus flower reminds me a happy dancer whose skirt is spinning in the air with the speed of Nature.

Later on, I’ve learned so much about this simple, yet quiet interesting flower. 

From online research, I’ve discovered that there are several 
 hundred species of Hibiscus Flower are known in the world. It has so many
in so many areas. For example, in landscaping, it is used to
 attract butterflies
and hummingbirds. But not only beauty of the
 flower is useful; there is also
some hibiscus species that are used in
 paper production. 

In everyday life, hibiscus
leaves would make you
 a sweet refreshing tea. Yet not just that: in some
regions of the
 world hibiscus is used as a vegetable and as natural food
 Some countries such Haiti, Malaysia, and South Korea chose this 
gorgeous flower as their national symbol. And 
as the symbol, the
 red hibiscus is traditionally worn by Tahitian women.
When tucked
 behind the ear, it indicates that the woman is single and ready for

The social aspect of the hibiscus is competing with its
use. Besides hibiscus tea, which by the way is found to
 lower high blood pressure;
its roots are used to make various
 mixtures believed to cure cough, hair loss
or hair greying. 
(courtesy of Wiki)

Wow! What a flower!! 


Original Artwork Hibiscus is 20″x16″ on 300lb Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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  1. Just what I wanted to say:) Wow what a flower (you painted)! Beautiful color and the background is wonderful. Very nice done Irina! Have a nice weekend:)

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