Moving Colors with Birgit – Workshop

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This week CWA workshop with Birgit O’Connor brought a whole new experience into my artist’s life. It was my first workshop that I’ve ever taken with an artist, besides an academic schooling of course. I had  given workshops myself before and I was curious to see how is one of my favorite artists doing it. 

I had three goals when I started the  workshop:
– To learn how to loosen up
– To work in the group
– To get inspired

As the result, I did learn how to move a color without a fear and obtain control of a large areas and shapes. I observed what the other artists did when following the teacher’s instructions. The group was amazing, mostly intermediate and advanced artists; and, they did great:
California Watercolor Association
This workshop really helped me to loosen up and even though I worked on my own art projects, I tried to absorb every second of Birgit’s presentation and listened carefully to her instructions in the class.

I also got inspired and started four new pieces for my Bay Area Flowers series: this time using 300lb Cold Pressed watercolor paper and Artist’s grade watercolors while working with the new brushes (brushes that I got from the workshop, and I liked their quality very much). 

I am glad that Birgit did not mind me being a “black sheep” and working on my own project with my own photo references. In fact, she complemented me several times on how I applied the color and worked with values :0)

Painting with Birgit
Art work “It Is All In Petals” is the collage made of fragments of my work in progress.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

2 thoughts on “Moving Colors with Birgit – Workshop

  1. That's a wonderful title for the workshop, “moving colors”. It implies such beautiful creative artistry, and that's exactly what was produced by all of you! Wow! I can't wait to see your next painting and to hear how you're applying what you've learned!

  2. Irina, you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to take a workshop with Birgit O'Conner. I look forward to seeing you Bay are flower series.
    PS – What brushes did she have for you?

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