Out For A Walk & Back To The Studio

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It was nice to step out of the studio last Saturday for a plein-air fun. The day was warm and allowed a couple of hours to paint. My husband and I go to the Martinez Marina quite often for a walk, never for painting. But there are so many things that can attract the Artist’s eye. 
The wild life and vegetation in this park are protected by the state. Once we saw a deer, another time wild turkeys; and the birds such egrets, ducks, and gees seem to be permanent residents there. 
 It is a very nice area with shallow creeks, small pond, three wooden bridges, and narrow trails along the shore. From this side of Martinez you can see San Pablo Bay, beautiful hills, Benicia-Matinez Bridge, and the city of Benicia.   
After painting I came back home to my new cozy studio and finished the artwork giving it a few highlights and touches. 
Speaking of my studio: the remodeling is competed. Hooray!!! Just a couple of week ago we ordered the last but not least component, large spacious cabinets. And voila! Now I have NO EXCUSE but paint great art :0)
Here is a few pictures of my work space:
We placed the couch creating a reading area. It will also allow me to host an occasional company. The antique trunk is serving as the coffee table:
Two artist-tables are 15 feet long and can be tilted if needed: 
One of the tables is lower than the other. It allows me to place a large piece of art and paint standing if necessary: 
Floor-to-ceiling white cabinets are so humongous that I can rent them to other artists as living space if my art business goes sour ;0).. The huge help are the skinny shelves for the watercolor paper and finished art. No other cabinets could fit my 20″x32″ artworks.
And a cozy fireplace will serve as a warm meditation spot in the Winter time:  
Original artwork Breezy Day At The Marina is 10″:x14″ Watercolor on 300lb Arches Cold Pressed
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

3 thoughts on “Out For A Walk & Back To The Studio

  1. Your 'Out for a walk' painting is just gorgeous dear Irina and how wonderful your studio looks now it is completed. I think I'll pop over for a visit and sit comfortably on that settee while you paint!! Hugs xx

  2. Oh my! This is so beautiful Irina. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful studio (you can't call it a atelier anymore). So cozy. I love every inch of it. I hope you will make lots of your beautiful art in there. Thanks for sharing! And your painting is beautiful. Lovely surrounding! Have a nice weekend, wich will be no problem I think:)

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