Be Careful What You Wish For

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While I see a lot of people are making New Year resolutions these days, I personally wanted to look back to my 2012 and see how it influences my new year plans. 
When I became a member of CWA-California Watercolor Association last June, I had a strong feeling that this relationship will be more than just paying annual fees. And my intuition did not fail: after the first workshop with Brownie Troop through CWA, I was offered to become a co-director for Outreach Program in 2013. I gladly accepted this position. And even though it will take a lot of organizing, coordinating, working with volunteers, etc. I still hope that I will have chance to teach kids and seniors (the main point of Outreach Program) this year.
Besides exhibition in San Francisco Cafe Coco, I was also offered to have a solo exhibition in the Art Room of the famous Martinez restaurant Copper Skillet Courtyard (by the way our favorite place for Sunday breakfast :0)..I chose to place 18 paintings for this show.
Some of them are flowers and still lifes:
Some are landscapes:
I am excited. The show is on until the 1st of February. Come and enjoy breakfast or lunch at 811 Ferry Street  Martinez, CA 94553. Make sure you check out the Art Room there.
Yesterday I’ve received another exciting call. Contra Costa Art Commission is setting up group show in Art Passages this month and my paintings got accepted. Yey!! (I’ll place the details later on)
Meantime I am in the process of working on two different commissions for two different customers and started working on two series of works: one will contain large paintings and another miniatures. I’d rather not to release the details yet; but I can tell you right now my head is already spinning. Considering that fact that I am going to be a part time student this semester starting January 14th, life is going to be a wild ride for the next three-four month. But that what I wanted, isn’t it :0) 
Today I was playing with a few abstracts that I’ve painted back in December. I was experimenting with the Plastic Wrap technique. It was quite fun. The paint is applied generously, next plastic wrap is crinkled on a top and after the paint dries, the plastic is lifted up revealing unpredictable interesting pattern. 
I was craving somewhat winter colors at first; and, I came up with “Frosted Window” series:
Then, I explored opposite colors and created Frosted Fire to keep my Artist Soul warm. Here is my imaginary Fireplace:
I am looking forward to a new busy but wonderful year! 
No resolutions, no regrets! 
Lots of plans and wishes though 
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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