Emergency Berries

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I’ve received a call from my customer for an extra Jam Label project. This time it was Blueberry Label. Thank Goodness I had photo reference for the berries. I just went outside and grabbed the blueberry bush leaves.. and to my absolute surprise: I’ve found that our blueberry bushes started blooming getting confused with warm weather.. Oh well, first, the apple tree surprised me, now blueberries. I guess it served me as an artist well though . And I hope the jam will be as sweet as my painted berries :0)
I was so pleased to see the photo from my customer, who is now utilizing the Jam Label Project and making a wonderful jam:
I hope my Blueberries Painting will build a Greater Pyramid. 
The original art work Blueberries is 8″x8″ Watercolor
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

3 thoughts on “Emergency Berries

  1. Hello Irina:) How proud you will be to see al those jars with your label on it! The blueberries are painted beautifully! Have a nice weekend:)

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