Apple Blossoms in November

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blossom realistic painting
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I went to the garden yesterday and was quite shocked to see that our apple tree started blooming again. The weather was so warm for the last couple of weeks, at least 80 F (around 25 C) that the tree got confused and thought it is Spring. I admired that short time beauty; and, knowing that these flowers would probably never develop into an apple (the cold weather is right behind the corner); I’ve painted them giving a chance to live :0)..
And as an Artist I can also make that blossom becoming an apple just by moving my magic brush.. and viola, there it is:
Top Painting: Apple Blossoms is 10″x13″ on Arches Watercolor Paper
Bottom Painting: Apple 5″x5″ Watercolor on Aquabord

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10 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms in November

  1. Hello Irina:) I get confused too by such tempetures 🙁 It's cold, raining and windy over here! Like it should be, I think:)
    I love your apple blossom, very fresh colors. Your apple is wonderful. Love the nice colors and the beautiful shadow. Very nice! Have a great weekend:)

  2. Thank you Katherine, I am so glad you like it. Even though the photo shows slight blue on blossoms' petals, I left the white of the paper (as always the camera adds blue)..
    Have a great weekend!

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