An Eggplant and In-a-Nutshell Update

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Yesterday, at one party somebody asked me:”So, Irina, what are you up to?”.. and I couldn’t really put in one sentence what’s going on in my life. So, I said: “Oh, I am fine and all is good”.. in order not to bore the person with all exiting stuff that recently happened. But here, in my blog, I can talk and talk and talk. 
Here is a brief update.
Our garden this season was generous with tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, and even an eggplant:
Last Saturday Art Show at the Retirement community brought lots of smiles and great conversations over the  art works and incoming Holidays. The prints of flowers, scarves, and Holiday cards were the most popular there:
This Thursday I taught Brownie Troop from Elementary School in Clayton how to paint a Still-Life painting and Abstract Paintings. The photos of the results will be posted in CWA Newsletter later, and  here are the photo of supplies that I prepared. I took the print of my Sunflowers painting as an example for the realistic art, and we used leftover colors for a loose fast abstract. After the paintings of the still life was completed we placed them on blank greeting cards and into plastic sleeves. The girls had a blast. I loved teaching and seeing stunning results:
My studio remodeling is progressing. Last night we installed two new tables. Love them! They are wide and long, yet I am still hesitating to splash the paint over them :0)
The reception at the Art Passage Gallery in Martinez where I show ten of my larger art pieces is going to be on November 7th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm ( 651 Pine Street, Martinez, CA)
And the last but not least news for the last week, we put our puppies “for sale”. See the picture below and guess why… ;0) .. We sell them for only $650,000 and will through the house together with them:
Oh.. NO.. we will not apart with our Silly Pups for any money in a World!!! :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

4 thoughts on “An Eggplant and In-a-Nutshell Update

  1. wow busy busy – those fruit and veg paintings look great all together on the stall like that, it's great to be able to tell the world everything through your blog, hope things continue to go well for you – and I'm sure the pups are forgiven by now!!

  2. Irina! I was in shock by your last photo, but was happy to read it is a joke 🙂 Those “little” fellows.
    What a beautiful atelier. I must admit that I am a little jealous. Beautifully. Those long tables where delicious can lie much “junk” on:)
    Your paintings look beautiful together. I love the fresh colors. You are doing a great, busy job! Have a nice week:)

  3. Lots going on and that's wonderful! I worried when I read you were selling the pups, but then realize it is only a joke! And those looooong tables – oh, I would love to work on them! Splash the paint & enjoy them!

  4. Hmmm … it looks like the pups like to re-decorate, too!
    Your set up for the show is so very inviting and professional-looking.
    And your studio looks stunning. It must be such a pleasure to work there.

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