Framing Day and Art Studio Update

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These two paintings and eight others got accepted into the Art Show at Art Passages Gallery in downtown Martinez, California (I’ll post the details after the paintings are hung and the reception date is announced).
 Today was a NO-ART day for me. I worked 8 full hours cutting mats and framing the art pieces until my fingernails got soar and my neck was stiff. But oh well, what wouldn’t you do for the Arts, even framing does not scare the Artist ;0).
The work-in-progress studio is looking so clean. New tiles are gorgeous. And my brushes are desperate to splash some paint on the new floor:
Although, I got kinda cozy already in my temp-studio in the living room corner:
(But don’t pick at the paintings on the desk! They are not finished yet)

10 thoughts on “Framing Day and Art Studio Update

  1. Could you post some of them in their frames? I'm curious about how to display some of my artwork and I'd like to see how others do it. Your pieces are so stunning, any frame would showcase their beauty perfectly. Congratulations on the show!

  2. Absolutely Katherine! I will take pictures after the paintings are hung for the show. Right now they are packed in the cardboard and there is no point to take pictures. But I bet they will look great on the wall. Some paintings in frames are reaching 28″x36″. They look humongous in my house but I bet they will look small small in the Gallery :0)
    Talk to you soon,

  3. How lovely to have your paintings displayed again in the Art gallery. Congratulations!
    Your new Studio must be nearing completion with that beautiful floor laid. Wonderful. Big Hugs xx

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