Two Old Still Life Paintings And Studio Remodeling

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Click HERE for Detailed Image
In the process of cleaning up my studio I found these two small 8×10 inch still life paintings that I brought from Russia when coming to study in America more that 10 years ago. I came here with a small suitcase. My luggage contained two sets of clothes, a spoon, a knife, a cup, a fork; and a few watercolor paintings that for some reason I decided to bring with me. I guess once the Artist is always the Artist, no matter what country we go the most important Treasure is our art.
Ten years plus past and now my art contains more than 200 pieces (considering that I am actively painting only for the last two years). Thank God major part of the artworks found their new homes and some are going to be exhibited. But still, my studio grew up tremendously: brushes, paper, books, other supplies. It took me a week to pack stuff and bring upstairs to clean up the studio for the remodeling. Thank God to my Husband, Son, and Father-In-Law do all the “dirty” work. My job during the remodeling is mainly cooking, supervising, and watching that our two cute puppies don’t get into a trouble. 
That is how my studio looked before:
That is how my studio looks now:
And that how one of our bedrooms looks 
(not even mentioning the living room that temporarily became my “new” studio and a storage for the furniture) :
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

4 thoughts on “Two Old Still Life Paintings And Studio Remodeling

  1. Thank you Carolina, it is a long but very “clearing the mind” process. It allows me to utilize the space better and make my business more productive.
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you Kathryn, Yes, it is a lot of work.. But I was ready for that and took my time to unload the old studio. Meantime, I am so grateful that I still can work in our living room. Actually, I like it very much as I placed the desk next to the window with the view on the garden with red roses, green grass, and fruit trees.. :0)
    Have a great day!

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