A Baby Portrait and a Toddler Portrait

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Here are two sketch-like portraits of a baby and a toddler. 
I am working on an a larger art piece these days, a cityscape. And at the end of the day I was so tired of painting all the windows and walls that I needed to do something totally different. 
The opportunity was sitting in my Photo Reference folder. I wanted to paint these two portraits of a baby an a toddler long time ago. And the time has come. The baby was just a few months old when I took the photo (oh, no no don’t think she is now going to the college, but pretty close ;0)..she is almost one.. but, time flies as we know) and the picture of a toddler came from friend (her daughter on a beach a couple years ago).
Just look to compare how much a few years can change. The baby’s head is not certainly strong on her  shoulders, her body was comfortably leaning to mama’s chest. Her eyes are curious looking at the World. Her fluffy hair are so gentle and light. What a precious age, which will pass by so quick! Now look at the toddler. Her head-turn is well pronounced, her hair-dress is almost sophisticated. And even though her eyes are looking away, I think she already has a new game in her creative mind.  
Original Paintings are 8″x10″ watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
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8 thoughts on “A Baby Portrait and a Toddler Portrait

  1. They turned out great! And what a wonderful idea to do the two portraits at the same time! I also like the still life with the garlic, and I'm eager to see the cityscape! You are an artist of many talents, with all those different subjects.

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