San Francisco Bay, Richmond – Plein-Air – Landscapes That Were Only A Few Feet Apart

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Last Saturday plein-air trip brought two absolutely different views of one Bay, in one day, which were just a few hours apart. First, took rough  300lb Arches paper to paint the morning. The sun was rising and the fog was lifting up uncover a gorgeous scene. When the first painting was done, I moved my head on the right and saw a peaceful sky with almost still waters (that what couple hours can do!); and, in the middle of all this beauty three Giants were standing at the dock. I grabbed my brush and made rather minimalistic seascape emphasizing the solid Nature and the industrial invention that came together in one.

Many artists from CWA painted that day; and, as many beautiful paintings came out of it:

10×14 “Sailboats- San Francisco Bay” Watercolor on 300 lb Arches Paper
10×14 “Richmond Docks” Watercolor on 140 lb Arches Paper
More Plein-air paintings are HERE
In Every Piece Of My Art
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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Bay, Richmond – Plein-Air – Landscapes That Were Only A Few Feet Apart

  1. Fun to see beautiful paintings of views I am very familiar with also living close to this area. Your art is stunningly well done.
    I would know those rocks anywhere!

  2. Thank you so much Lynn, Sadami, Kathryn,and Shubhankar!
    I think I started getting grip of the plein-air paintings tactic. There you don't have too much time to think you just need to paint what you see now.. Yes the weather changes rapidly, the Sun is moving and the wind is blowing fast. Although, in my nature I am a studio artist, I love the challenge of the plein-air and a possibility to get out of the house.

  3. How wonderful that you got to enjoy some plein air painting. It is interesting how you have two very different paintings from the same area. I like them both, but, sailboats always sing to me.

  4. Thank you Liana,
    Sail boats are definitely more romantic, when the big oil ships are so real and so close to our industrialized world. And as I tried to capture in the second painting, they are becoming a part of the landscape.
    Have a great one!

  5. Hello Irina:) I'm kinda a little jealous at you. Seems great to me to have something like the CWA in Netherlands. I believe that is not there. Settled there with each other from going to paint in nature. Great right?
    I like your paintings very nicely. Especially the second is painted in a separate style.

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